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Where West meets East let us meet and walk each other home

GangaMa, Rishikesh, India

Thank you for being here seeker, I welcome you in a space of presence and warmth.

Here I am to share what I can offer to you through the Self Growth Consulting sessions.

The observation of your body posture, your tone and breath’s rhythm, your expressions, gaze and movements helps me to start understanding you. Then of course, words come up. I want to listen to you, create and hold the space for you to verbalize any thought, any wish, any experience, any sensation, anything that you might have never before said out loud to anyone, not even to yourself.

I am here to support you in y o u r journey towards conscious living. Let me repeat this, it is y o u r journey. No one can do the work for you, no one can walk the distance instead. I can hold you throughout the way but can not save you. This is the work you will have to take responsibility for. Now, conscious living. You must have heard this expression before. To me, it starts with listening to yourself, truly listening to yourself beyond the filters and the expectations of your family, your friends, the society you live in, a whole world collectively traumatized promoting isolation and distraction from our true nature.

I am going to be next to you as you feel the feelings, all feelings, as you observe them and allow them to exist inside you. Giving the feelings the space they need makes them weigh less, releases the tension that, if stored, would become the poison to create deeper trauma, toxic and self-traumatizing behavioral patterns, psychosomatic dis-ease, circles of repeated thoughts and actions that trap you in a way of living that doesn’t serve you. Can you even recognize them? We are going to explore this together. Identifying which thoughts, feelings and actions arise from within you and which feel foreign is one of the most precious assets you will ever have.

As you start listening to yourself, sooner or later you are going to feel the need for actively taking care of yourself. What does this even mean? Have you experienced the feeling of truly honoring yourself, your body, your needs?

Based on my journey and experiences, I can suggest a few ways to actually feel yourself as whole, as the  source of purity that you really are. This is the true nature of your existence. Our distracting realities tend to make us feel like we are not enough, not normal, not fully alive. The pain that arises from it all is the pain of division, seperation, fear and loss. Loosing contact with the pure energy we are made of is what makes us suffer so much. Let’s offer our gratitude to this feeling of suffering for ringing the bell, warning us that we need to change our perspective towards ourselves and the world. If we ignore the warning, separation starts being expressed as insecurity, self-isolation, self-pity, hopelessness. This is how sickness arises. The constant fight of the mind towards our system, poisonous violent thoughts or experiences that we embody manifest as enemies inside us. We can not fight these enemies. We can only feel them openly and tenderly, understand them. At the same time we can cultivate the qualities of the self that empower us, remind us of our truth, guide us towards manifesting the quality of life we wish for, the reality we deserve. Suffering is not the reason we are here. We are here in this body to experience new sensations, to give and receive life lessons, to love and be loved.

Hari Om,

Lilianna Tara

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