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The core of my practices

Naddi Hill, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, India

My intention is to guide you through exploring felt-perception: the way to perceive the world through your senses and how to actually navigate yourself in life according to the signals your body vibrates towards each experience.

“Healing” every single trauma is not my intention. I do not believe in “perfection” and in any way that supposedly leads towards it. I consider this mentality of “healing/fixing” everything to be one of the most violent towards the self. I go for integration, acceptance, presence. I root for inner peace in the sense of a never ending process, an alive interaction with the world that will always change but can be held in the center of our existence in clarity. Everything on the outside is changing, it is our core that we intend to keep calm, as the bottom of the ocean will never be as windy as the waves of the surface are. We can not consider ourselves as successful or unsuccessful in life by setting unrealistic intentions as absolute stability or total control. It is an ongoing never-ending process. We win, we loose, we bleed, we cry, we experience a large palette of feelings and sensations and we only commit to being present, feeling free and evolving.

All these are the reasons why I consider my approach to be holistic. I perceive our systems as multileveled, thus I approach them mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. With your consent I add to the sessions yogic, meditative and energetic practices that will support you in your journey in a gradual, safe, grounded way. I am here for you to remember why you are here, what it is that you want to create, what keeps you away from the quality of life you wish for.

I do not consider myself to be perfect, healed or a guru. I am walking the same path as you are. I offer you everything my journey has provided me with so far, the knowledge, the insights, the inspiration, the practices, the space.

I am here for you.

Hari Om,

Lilianna Tara

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