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Namasté – Welcome

Namaste dear friend,

Thank you for taking some time to go through this page. This is a space created for us to share and blend perspectives. The plan is for it to become a heart space, sharing from my heart hoping to meet yours. This sharing has no intention to show perfection, ideal lifestyles, non negotiable advice, perfect balance of all levels or the perfect body-mind alignment. This is a getting-away-with-it-all-messed-up space.

I wish to share my experiences, the practices I have been taught and the wisdom that life, my teachers, nature and every kind of fellow life travellers have offered me so far.Let’s share the ride. I will be glad to connect with you. Let’s make this page a portal of dialogue, sharing and staying together.

We have nothing if we don’t have each other!  

Hari Om,

Lilianna Tara

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