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Tara Kanti

I am Tara Kanti aka Lilianna Zourbanou. Combining knowledge and experiences both from the West and the East, I am keen on sharing practices that bring about presence, balance and healing on every level.


As a Psychologist, Yoga Teacher and Light Language Practitioner I offer holistic healing practices in Athens. Having studied Psychology, Education and Human Rights in Greece and Austria, experienced in Arts, Dramatherapy and Reflexology, I have worked for years in international organizations serving as a teacher and reference person of refugee minors from all over the world. Noticing the tension and blockages we all experience in every aspect of our contemporary and extremely fast lifestyle, I was keen on devoting myslef to Yoga practice and alternative therapies to bring about healing and balance in my life as well as others’. Women’s circles, shamanic rituals, community work, psychotherapy, a perfect blend of the western and eastern philosophies, have been the fountain providing me with energy to walk my new path.

Following my heart’s desire I decided to quit my job at the time and travel all the way to India in order to receive life lessons from the purest source, tradition. The teachings and guidance of Yogrishi Vishvketu and his powerful Akhanda team both in Traditional Hatha and Classical Kundalini Yoga are the foundation of my practices and way of life. Nearly six months in Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram with everyday classes, rituals, dips in GangaMa and so many more have been a totally transformational life experience for me.

On top of all that I have received a three-level training on Light Language Alignment (Level 3) applying Sacred Geometry coming from the Mayan and Aztecs of Mexico. Transforming our auras, we transform ourselves completely. Thank you for joining me in this journey.

As above, so below.



Traditional Akhanda Yoga

A journey towards wholeness through Hatha yoga: experience the benefits on physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual level through asana, pranayama techniques, mantras, meditation and the Vedic philosophy.

Classical Kundalini Yoga

Initiation into Tantra yoga: aligning with cosmic prana, the solar and the lunar channels of our systems get balanced through asana, oscillating movements, Tantric and Vedic Bija mantras, chakra visualizations, and dynamic pranayama techniques to clear the energy passageways and chakras.

Light Language Alignment

Based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico, the Light Language uses Sacred Geometry and colored light to create clear messages. Messages become thoughts, thoughts become electro-magnetic impulses. Setting clear intentions, you have the power to form your aura and every field of your life.

Self Growth Consulting

Healing sessions based on introspection, reflections of the self and spiritual guidance. Personal meetings designed to provide you with guidance and seeds to grow through self practice. A safe space where you can share your vision and obstacles and receive mantras, yoga sequences and meditation practices custom made for you.


Tumare darshan ki bela
Ye mausam ras rachane ka
Liye ulassa ki sanse
Samai masti me jine ka

The season has arrived where
I will finally see you and dance with you
With the breathing in of joy
It is time to live in bliss.

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